Malt Whisky

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Usually the product of a single malt distilling in Scotland, each malt whisky tastes different, having the unique characteristics of the setup and location of its source. Malt whiskies are dynamic and intensely interesting.


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Blended whisky is a mixture of malt and grain whiskies. It can contain anything up to forty malt whiskies and two or three grain whiskies. Blends are famous for their international brands and are easy to drink and mix.

Half and 20cl

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Whisky in small bottle sizes (20cl and 35cl) allows the purchaser to sample or assemble a collection or indeed give a small token gift.

Wedding Favours

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Ideal as gifts or as ’favours’ at a wedding etc. Miniatures offer an unrivalled chance to try that whisky you have always wondered about. Buy a few and you will have a collection! There is a thriving miniature collecting community throughout the world.

Glenkeir Treasures

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Truly special and unique to The Whisky Shop. We select individual casks of single malt whisky that we judge to be of outstanding quality. Having subjected the chosen whiskies to minimal filtration, we put them back into casks in store where they are bottled to order.

Collectors Items

Collectors Items View the Scotch Whisky range

Where limited quantities of a particular expression or style are made, these can be highly individual and collectible.

Gifts & Accessories

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Enjoy your dram in a fine crystal glass; carry your whisky with you in one of our range of flasks or compare your thoughts with one of the malt whisky connoisseurs in our selection of classic books.


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Over ice, with coffee, ice cream – any way you wish, Scottish liqueurs are the best! New and interesting varieties appear regularly.

Whiskies of the World View Whiskies in this range

With forty known countries producing whisky in their own form, we have discovered a wonderful variety of ‘usque beatha’ from around the world.

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Products exclusive to The Whisky Shop.

Gift service

Gift service View Whiskies in this range

Whatever the occasion, we can provide the ideal gift and have it delivered for you anywhere in the UK. It will be securely packaged and will contain your own personal message.

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