straight from the cask

Customers of The Whisky Shop constantly search for the different and the special, whether it be a personal treat or a gift for someone else. At The Whisky Shop we stock a vast range of different whiskies covering all the mainstream brands as well as the independent bottlings. We like to think that we go the extra mile for our customers and our relative size allows us to reach beyond the traditional supply chain and produce our own exclusive offerings.

The Glenkeir Treasures concept starts with a truly unique range of single malt whiskies that we obtain in wood directly from the distiller. The single malts are decanted into individual barrels within our shops from where they are hand bottled as and when the purchaser chooses them. They are bottled at 40% strength, making them easy drinking and accessible. Bottle sizes range from a small 10cl ‘Dram to Share’ to our standard half litre bottle.

Each whisky is selected for its individual quality and attractiveness. We conduct an extensive search and only pick the best of the best. The whisky is then subjected to the minimum processing so as to retain its original characteristics. No large batch chill filtering is employed.

The Glenkeir Treasures concept has since been extended to encompass individual single malt whiskies bottled at cask strength – Glenkeir Treasures Cask Strength Selection – and very special old whiskies, also bottled at cask strength – Glenkeir Treasures Gold Selection.

Whether dispensed from the barrel in one of our stores or bottled by us at source, every whisky that bears the Glenkeir Treasures label is unique, different and special. We guarantee its quality and we confidently expect that it will bring great pleasure to all who enjoy it.


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