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Speyside View Whiskies in this range

This is 'THE' malt whisky making region of Scotland! Speyside is like a home from home for many of us, with its sweeping valleys and a distillery around every corner. A malt heaven!


Highland View the Scotch Whisky range

Geographically, this is the largest whisky making region. Malts vary widely in taste - from the 'salty' coasts of the north to the 'spicy' lands in the east. Much to be explored.


Islay View Whiskies in this range

Islay is truly a special place for malt whisky lovers. Only 25 miles long with eight distilleries, its whisky is known for its smokiness and phenolic traits!


Islands View the Scotch Whisky range

The Islands of Scotland are renowned for their exposure to the natural elements. The character of these malts lies somewhere between the Highland and Islay regions.


Lowland View Whiskies in this range

The first stage of the malt whisky 'journey of discovery'. The Lowlands represents a good introduction to whisky. Light and sweet in flavour they make excellent apértifs.


Campbeltown View the Scotch Whisky range

Now with only two operational distilleries on the peninsula, at one time Campbeltown was 'the' major whisky producing region. The spirit is still held in high regard today and rightly deserves a heading of its own.

Rare Whiskies View Whiskies in this range

We have some of our older and more precious whiskies here.

Blended Malts View the Scotch Whisky range

Blended malt is a mix of various malt whiskies from different distilleries. The blend of malts balances their characteristics to create arguably the best of the best.

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