Buyer’s Guide

There are six easy steps for buying:

  1. Create your TWSA account / Log in
  2. Bid on an item
  3. Bidding process ends
  4. Decide on storage or delivery
  5. Pay for items won
  6. Receive your item(s)
      1. Create your TWSA account / Log in

        If you are a first-time bidder on our website, make sure to read our terms & conditions first. Set up your account and pay a one-off registration fee of £5 (+VAT). If you already have an account with you can sign in with your existing details to add auction registration to your account. Once registered, you can customise your account and create a watch list.

        If you are a member of The W Club, auctions are one of the benefits of membership, so you do not need to pay the auction registration fee.

      2. Bid on an item

        There are two ways to bid on an item:

        • enter the maximum bid you are comfortable to pay for the product (Minimum Unit Pricing applies and varies by item);
        • press the ‘Bid’ button each time you want to increase the bid to the next lot increment.

        Even if you have entered a maximum bid, our system will only increase bids by the lot increments. If bidding closes below your maximum bid, you will be the successful purchaser at the closing bid, assuming it is higher than any reserve.

        Our bid increments are as follows:

        Auction price Bid increment
        £15.00 – £24.99 £1.00
        £25.00 – £99.99 £5.00
        £100.00 – £499.99 £10.00
        £500.00 – £999.99 £25.00
        £1,000.00 – £1,999.99 £50.00
        £2,000.00 – £9,999.99 £100.00
        £10,000.00 – £59,999.99 £500.00
        £60,000.00 – No Limit £1000.00

        Anti-sniper software

        To combat sniper software, lot finish times will be extended if a bid is made within 10 minutes of the deadline. The lot deadline will then continue to be extended to 10 minutes after each bid until all ‘last minute’ bidding activity has ceased.

      3. Bidding process ends

        If you are a successful bidder, you will be notified by email and your account will be adjusted.

        If you are an unsuccessful bidder, either because the reserve has not been met or because you were not the highest bidder, you will be informed by email.

      4. Decide on storage or delivery

        When going through our checkout process you will have three options:

        • Delivery to your chosen address;
        • Delivery to one of our shops;
        • Collection from our Auction House;
        • Storage for future delivery.

        Whichever option you choose will be shown on your TWSA account.

      5. Paying for items won

        Then you will be taken to the payment screen on which you can make payment for the items on your account either by debit/credit card, bank transfer or PayPal.

        You must settle your account within 7 days.

      6. Receive your item(s)

        Whether you choose delivery, collection or storage the item(s) are yours to enjoy, store or re-sell.