Blue Hanger

Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

Blue Hanger is a blended malt scotch whisky from Berry Bros. & Rudd.

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About Blue Hanger

Blue Hanger is a blended malt scotch whisky. The brand is owned by Berry Bros. & Rudd’s, the London-based distillers and wine merchants. Blue Hanger is named after William Hanger, the third Lord of Coleraine, Northern Ireland. A frequent customer of Berry Bros. & Rudd during the late 18th century, he became a local legend through the striking blue clothes he wore and gained the sobriquet, “Blue Hanger”. Blue Hanger Whisky is blended at Berry’s Bros. & Rudd Distillery, which was founded in 1698. On top of having a wide variety of spirits and wines in its catalogue, it is also one of the oldest wine merchants in the world.

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Berry Bros. & Rudd can trace its history to 1698, when it was founded opposite St. James Palace in London.
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Despite having the company's headquarters in London, Blue Hanger is labelled as a Product of Scotland and qualifies as a Scotch.
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The home of Berry Bros. & Rudd, St James's Street, was the location for the fictional headquarters of the Kingsman Secret Service in the 2017 film Kingsman: The Golden Circle.


The Blue Hanger brand was originally a blended scotch whisky intended by Berry Brothers & Rudd for the diplomatic export market in 1934. The name and brand vanished until 2003. Doug McIvor, Spirits Manager at Berry Brothers & Rudd, began experimenting with vatting malts, and the initial re-release in the U.K. of the new Blue Hanger in 2003 was limited to 700 bottles. This was a vatting of two single malts whiskies: Glen Grant and Glenlivet. It has an unusual approach to being a blending house, in that every release is totally unique. There may be no continuity in overall style, but there is continuity in quality.

Taste Profile

Blue Hanger is known for flavours of...

Orange Peel
Peat Smoke
Orchard Fruits