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    J&B Rare

    Justerini and Brooks can be traced back to 1749, when a young Giacomo Justerini ventured to London, following his heart which had fallen hopelessly in love for an opera singer by the name of Margerita Bellino. Sadly for Justerini, that is where his love story ended. However, determined to make something of himself in London and armed with his uncle’s liqueur recipes, he quickly set himself up as a wine merchant in Pall Mall with his English business partner, George Johnson.


    Together the business was very successful, selling fashionable and luxury items to London’s high living aristocracy. This lead to them being awarded the first of nine official Royal Warrant’s from King George III to supply the royal household with wine and spirits. In 1760, Justerini sold the business to Johnson and returned to live out his days in Italy.


    In 1830, Alfred Brooks bought the business from the third generation of Johnson’s and renamed it Justerini and Brooks.


    By the 1930’s, J&B Rare as we know it is launched, created for the American market in anticipation of the repeal of prohibition, J&B Rare was designed to give the Americans a more palatable and accessible drink than the bootlegged moonshine they had grown accustomed to.


    Throughout the 1950’s – 1970’s J&B had become an established and well-known brand across the US, finding its home within in many Las Vegas casinos and was the drink of choice for many showbiz stars of the time. By 1963 J&B had reached sales of one million cases in the US, by the 1970’s the brand was firmly established across all of Europe and by the 1980’s it had become a globally recognised brand.


    Today J&B whiskey is one of the most popular blended scotch whiskies in the world.

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