The Lost Distillery Company

Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

The Lost Distillery Company’s aim is to create present day expressions of long lost whiskies. Over the past 100 years, the Scottish whisky industry has lost an incredible number of first-rate distilleries. Whether they closed because of politics, war, accidents, or oversupply, there are many whiskies that have been simply lost to time, until now.

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About The Lost Distillery Company

From the local water source, to the barley, yeast, the distilleries equipment, there is a huge amount of specificity that goes into the production of malt whisky. The archivists at The Lost Distillery Company go through each of these details with a keen eye for detail, working tirelessly to bring one of these lost whiskies to life at a time. These bottles give an amazing insight into the history of lost distilleries from across Scotland’s regions — and drinking them is much more fun than any history lesson that we’ve been part of.

A triskele is visible on each box from the company. A triskele is an ancient Celtic symbol depicting reincarnation, but on top of that it also incorporates the core components of the whisky making process, the barrel, the water and the barley.
No whiskies from The Lost Distillery Company are chill filtered, because the process didn't exist a century ago.
The Great Steward of Scotland’s Dumfries House Estate is the home of Lost Distillery Company, a cultural treasure saved for the nation's enjoyment by his Royal Highness Prince Charles in 2007.


The Lost Distillery Company is the sole business on its 2,000 acre estate. The Kilmarnock-based blenders was established in 2013. It worked alongside archivists at the University of Glasgow to produce 20 modern versions of long-gone whiskies. In 2016, it moved premises to the Dumfries Estate House.

The company’s first two releases were Stratheden and Auchnagie, named for the respective Fife and Perthshire lost distilleries. Other releases have included Gerston, Jericho/Benachie, Lossit and Towiemore.

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