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    Lauders blended Scotch whisky has been in continuous production since 1836, making it one of the oldest blended whiskies still in distribution today.  Created by Archibald Lauder, who owned a spirit and grocery shop in North Street, Glasgow, it took two years of development and refinement before he was satisfied that his blend was fit to carry his name. 


    Due to the fact that up until 1815 it had been illegal to distil whisky, whisky standards at the time, were pretty low. Lauder saw a gap in the market, an opportunity to offer something unique and so he set out to create a blended whisky that would offer his customers a drink of unparalleled quality and taste.


    Lauder’s blend was just that, unparalleled, so much so that it was awarded with several gold medals in international competitions.


    Even to this day, Lauders with its distinct character - well balanced, smooth and easy on the palate, with a long sweet finish - stands as a strong reminder of the art of blending whisky.

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