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    May 2016

    Glenfarclas 21 Year Old & 101 World Whiskies to Try Before You Die

    By Joseph Pettigrew 3 years ago

    This Father’s Day try a whisky pairing sure to please...

    For the uninitiated, walking into The Whisky Shop can seem daunting. Shelves stacked high with single malts can appear a mountain to climb when you don’t know your Lowlands from your Campbeltowns or even your malts from your blends! Thankfully, this Father’s Day The Whisky Shop aims to make it simple to treat dad to a dram with a cracking single malt and a map to new experiences.

    Whisky Shop Exclusives: Ladyburn 1974 40 Year Old

    By Joseph Pettigrew 3 years ago

    An elusive bottling from Ladyburn, the shortest-lived distillery in Scotland, makes its home at The Whisky Shop

    For a span of just ten years from 1966 to 1975, the seaside town of Girvan, South Ayrshire, was home to a small distillery by the name of Ladyburn. The William Grant & Sons operation was more of an extension to the existing Girvan grain distillery than a stand-alone facility, but with its four stills and its automated processes - a first for the industry - the distillery produced modest quantities of a fine Lowland malt that served its purpose in Grant's Blended Scotch. By 1975, with production volume not living up to expectations, the decision was made to close and demolish Ladyburn - and that's where it gets interesting!

    Hidden Gems: GlenDronach

    By Dom 3 years ago

    From the quirky 'D' in the middle of its name, to the revamped core range and a solid stream of special releases, GlenDronach has whisky maker Billy Walker's signature all over it

    GlenDronach is highly unlikely to be the first name to trip off the lips of a person asked to name a malt whisky distillery. Nor indeed, the second, third or fourth. It’s fair to say that as distilleries go, it is, in the modern era, very much a hidden gem.

    But for a sizeable minority of people - mainly a group who grew up in or around the Speyside town of Huntly - it commands unmatched levels of loyalty. Bump into a GlenDronach die hard and he’ll go misty-eyed as he recalls the glory years of the distillery. And the eyes will start to twinkle as he tells you that GlenDronach is back and firing. Boy, you’d better believe it.

    ​A Literary Review: The Authors’ Series

    By Claire Daisley 3 years ago

    In 2015 independent bottlers and blenders Hunter Laing unveiled the first run of four Authors' Series limited edition whiskies.

    Each one had been carefully chosen both for its incredible flavour, and also as homage to a great author whose values the Hunter Laing experts believed to be reflected by the liquid.

    With the second instalment of this prestigious series released just this week, we thought it was about time to perform a little literary and literal whisky analysis to discover the parallels between each Author’s ethos and the dram ascribed them.

    Hidden Gems: Macallan

    By Dom 3 years ago

    Actually there's nothing very 'hidden' about Macallan. It is a proud and iconic peacock of a distillery on a beautiful estate...

    There are few places on earth as stirring and atmospheric as the bens and glens of Speyside.

    In Spring, when there is still a chill in the air but a watery sunshine illuminates the Spey and a fresh breeze stirs up its waters - so sunlight flits off its surface - emotion courses through the body. On misty early mornings you could swear that the ghosts of smugglers are sharing the river banks with you. If you grew up on tales of illicit distilling and whisky smuggling, then the old trails near Glenlivet are irresistible. Many an illegal still once nestled in the crannies of this wild region, and you can sense it.

    The Whisky Glass

    By Claire Daisley 3 years ago

    The whisky glass comes in many guises - from the traditional tumbler to the shapely Glencairn glass.

    But does the shape and style of your glass really have an effect on the your drinking experience? Can it truly enhance, or mar, the the subtleties of the amber nectar?

    Before we delve in to the science, let’s first remember that whisky drinking is about the experience in its entirety. Trying a new expression for the first time is exciting. The apprehension, the suspense. Will it be what was expected? Should we be tasting sweet, peat, spice, vanilla, leather or rubber? The sniff, the sip, the dissecting and the enjoyment. Sitting down to enjoy your chosen tipple is something akin to spiritual enlightenment…

    You wouldn’t drink communion from a plastic cup, so why drink whisky from anything other than a chalice?

    Hidden Gems: Lagavulin

    By Dom 3 years ago

    As Lagavulin celebrates its 200th year, Dom recalls a momentous trip to the distillery...

    I’m not saying the boat’s captain was shaken and stirred by our arrival in to the little bay at Lagavulin, but after a rocky few minutes trying to steer the boat through two narrow posts, and with the bottom scraping across rocks, there was a clue in the huge glass of Lagavulin 16 Year Old he knocked back as soon as we were moored up.

    There’s nothing quite like arriving on Islay from the sea, but mooring at Lagavulin is not for the faint-hearted. The bay is shallow and notoriously choppy, with hidden currents below its surface. We will twice need to re-moor during the night to avoid crashing on to the jagged rocks beneath the distillery’s white walls.

    Whisky Made Simple: Dom's Jargon Buster

    By Dom 3 years ago

    The world of whisky is a confusing one, full of jargon and technical descriptors. So Dom cuts to the chase and explains what's what

    Listen to some whisky connoisseurs, or read books written by a number of so-called experts, and you’d be forgiven for concluding you needed a degree in rocket science and a diploma in hospitality to make any sense of it all.

    Actually though, when you cut to it, whisky is a simple drink made unnecessarily complicated by people who have wrapped it in verbal finery and are not the best at communicating their subject matter to the vast number of potential new drinkers.

    New Blog Launch!

    By Claire Daisley 3 years ago

    Welcome to the brand new Whisky Shop blog!

    This will become our one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about whisky – we’ll keep you in the loop about new releases, what’s coming up at The Whisky Shop, local tasting sessions, and what’s going on in the industry too.