The new blended whisky has been crafted to perfection by the Japanese team behind the much-revered Hibiki and Yamazaki, using a selection of older single malts representing every terroir of Scotland. Find out more: here.

We received a lot of overwhelmingly positive feedback, from those who had no idea if the liquid was:

  • a blended whisky or a single malt
  • Scotch or from elsewhere
  • peated or unpeated
  • 3 years old or 30 years old

It's always beneficial to challenge our perceptions about whisky, and make up our minds purely from sensorial first impressions. The below diagram shows the common words used to describe their drinking experience:

Overall, they scored Ardray a tremendous 73.5 out of 100. Here's some of what our W Clubbers slash reviewers had to say:

"A smooth, soft whisky with a complexity of layered flavours from beginning to end." - Paul

It stays with you for a long time. Lovely sweetness with no alcohol burn. Extremely smooth, memorable, great aftertaste. - Kamal

Lovely whisky: full-bodied, confident flavours, great finish. Yes please! - Tony

"The smoky taste was surprising after the initial very fresh aroma, however it wasn’t overpowering and made a good combination. Would like to know what it is!" - Christiaan

"I cannot wait to find out what it is and buy a bottle." - Stephen

"Very nice, smooth, slightly smoky, definitely something special." - Debbie

Ardray is available now, exclusively to W Club members for 48 hours.