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  1. Ballot: Bimber Coronation

    Ballot: Bimber Coronation

    Ballot now open for Bimber distillery's commemorative bottling for King Charles III's coronation.
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  2. Digital Drams: anCnoc

    Digital Drams: anCnoc

    We are so excited for The W Club's next Digital Drams, our online tasting event that's not to be missed! Join us on next week to sample some fantastic drams from Knockdhu Distillery. Gordon Bruce, distillery manager and host of anCnoc's 'Knock Tales' Podcast, will be accompanying us, taking us through five expressions - including a sneaky taste of their new make spirit!
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  3. A Day With Ardray

    A Day With Ardray

    Charlotte takes us behind the scenes of our very first W Club Decanted podcast: W Club Meets Ardray.
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  4. Ardnamurchan Ballot

    Ardnamurchan Ballot

    Due to the new special releases from Ardnamurchan distillery being much sought-after, we've chosen to invite all those who purchase Ardnamurchan Sherry Cask 2023 to a private ballot for the Single Oloroso Cask bottling, and Paul Launois bottlings. You do not have to be a W Club member to participate.
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  5. A Big Day for Welsh Whisky

    A Big Day for Welsh Whisky

    The flourishing whisky industry in Wales has today been granted geographical indication (GI) status, making it the first spirit to receive the UK's protected origin label since UK GI was launched post-Brexit in 2021. The scheme replaces the EU counterpart.
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  6. Fair Game

    Fair Game

    W Club Manager, Luke Crowley-Holland, talks us through The Whisky Shop's ballot system, introduced to give our W Clubbers equal opportunity to purchase highly exclusive bottles.
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  7. Spotlight: Loch Lomond The Open Special Edition

    Spotlight: Loch Lomond The Open Special Edition

    With The 151st The Open beginning at Royal Liverpool last weekend, we'd like to highlight the perfect dram to drink alongside the golf: Loch Lomond. As the official spirit of The Open, the distillery has released their 2023 The Open Course Collection.
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  8. Ballot: The GlenAllachie 30 Year Old Batch 3

    Ballot: The GlenAllachie 30 Year Old Batch 3

    Presenting Batch 3 of the incredible GlenAllachie 30 Year Old, another exciting ballot for W Club members.
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  9. Sneak Peak: Whiskeria Autumn 2023

    Sneak Peak: Whiskeria Autumn 2023

    Behold some very special behind-the-scenes shots from the production of our much-awaited Whiskeria magazine, Autumn 2023 issue. The official magazine of The Whisky Shop, Whiskeria is the leading whisky magazine in the world and features writing from noted whisky authors Charles MacLean and Gavin Smith.
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  10. Golden Dram: Jura

    Golden Dram: Jura

    Buy Jura 18 Year Old, to be entered into our Golden Dram for a sought-after Fèis Ìle Distillery exclusive.
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