GlenDronach Highland single malt has continued to use the time-honoured, traditional processes that were first implemented all the way back in 1826 by their visionary founder, James Allerdice. The Aberdeenshire-based distillery has a fondness for maturing a heavy and robust spirit in the finest Oloroso and PX sherry casks for long periods of time - specialising in creating whiskies with an elegant and complex taste, with a large depth of flavour.

The whiskies making up this special collection from "The Sherry Cask Connoisseurs", have been slowly matured each in a single cask - from an exquisite collection of fine Spanish oak sherry casks. The casks, dating as far back as 1990, were personally selected by Master Blender Dr. Rachel Barrie as the best to represent the distillery's remarkable character. These include those which previously held fruit-laden Port from the Douro Valley to sweet and rich Pedro Ximenez. Each expression is presented in a premium gift box, and is individually numbered by hand to reflect its rarity.

The five-piece collection will be available as individual ballots, beginning at 12pm on 31st January, for 24 hours.

The GlenDronach Distillery Cask Bottling Batch 19

GlenDronach 1992 Cask #7418

After a 28-year maturation in an Oloroso sherry puncheon, this expression was bottled in 2021 at 54.8% abv. Just 654 bottles of this deep auburn dram were produced. Aromas of rich brown sugar and blackberries come to meet the nose. More decadent flavours come in the palate with hints of honey and red grape arising. The finish is wonderfully nutty and slightly spicy.

GlenDronach 1992 Cask #71

This expression spent a long 29 year slumber in an Oloroso sherry butt. Distilled in 1992, the rich burgundy whisky was bottled at 50.7% abv. Only 504 bottles of this dram exist. On the nose, there is toffee, roasted nuts, and black grapes. Particularly impressive on the palate, there is plenty of rich plum and sumptuous chocolate coated cherries before leading into the long and fruity finish.

GlenDronach 1993 Cask #6865

This rich expression spent 28 years maturing in a Pedro Ximenez sherry puncheon. Distilled in 1993, the dram was finally bottled in 2021 at 52.8% abv. Only 672 bottles of this single malt were produced. There is plenty of fruit on the nose of this expression, with black grape and cherry leading the charge. On the palate, the rich cherry notes continue alongside hints of black truffle before leading into a sweet and luxurious finish.

GlenDronach 1993 Cask #2458

After spending 28 years maturing in an Oloroso puncheon, this single malt was bottled in 2021 at 55.2% abv. Just 688 bottles of this deep burgundy expression were produced. Rich fruit notes appear on the nose, with dates and raisins at the forefront. This fruitiness continues in the well-rounded palate with strong notes of blackcurrant and dark chocolate appearing. The finish is particularly satisfying, with notes of walnut and coffee appearing at the close.

GlenDronach 1994 Cask #7469

This single malt spent 27 years maturing in an Oloroso puncheon. Distilled in 1994, this expression was bottled in 2021 at 53% abv. Only 672 bottles of this rare dram were produced. The nose calls memories of Christmas - cosy baking spices, baked orange, and sweet cherry notes are all present. These festive hints continue on the palate with orange still present alongside cranberry and spiced plums before leading into a warming and nutty finish.