The Kininvie distillery is one of the youngest distilleries in Scotland, owned by William Grant & Sons, the distillery started production in July 1990. The distillery, located in Dufftown, Moray, is actually situated within the grounds of sister distillery, the famous Balvenie distillery.

For many years, the single malt produced at Kininvie was used by William Grant & Sons in their own whiskies as well as for use in other blends – most notably as the key component within the ever popular, triple malt whisky, Monkey Shoulder.

Up until 2013, the distillery had only released two single malt whiskies; the first a limited edition bottling called Hazelwood 105, which was bottled aged 15 years and the second the Hazelwood Reserve – both of which were released to celebrate the 105th and 107th birthdays of Janet Sheed Roberts, the last surviving Granddaughter of William Grant.

Then in October 2013, Kininvie released a new single malt simply named Batch No.1, which was exclusive to Taiwan making it extremely difficult for the rest of the world to get its hands on a bottle of this highly revered single malt. Such was the response to Batch No.1 that the distillery put the wheels in motion to release a second batch, Batch No.2 which was released to the UK market at the end of summer 2014.

By this time the rare and highly sought after Kininvie single malt had built up a strong reputation which saw Batch No.1 and No.2 completely sell out!

That was until now…

Yes, Kininvie have just released - yes you guessed it - Batch No.3 and believe us when we say you are going to want to get your hands on a bottle of this mighty single malt today!

The Kininvie 23 years old Batch No.3 contains whisky from Batch No.1 distilled in 1990 and has been matured in ex-bourbon casks, before a final six month maturation within ex-sherry casks. Most of the spirit used was distilled in 1991 and has been bottled at 42.6% ABV.

We were lucky enough to get our hands on a bottle of this fantastic whisky earlier this month to bring you this tasting review:

Nose: Sweet honey and zesty fruit, oaky and light – much like its pale, crisp appearance.

Palate: The sweetness further develops on the palate, again honey takes centre stage joined by fruity, zesty tones. The sherry from the ex-sherry casks again add to the sweetness whilst building depth and richness that warms and comforts.

Finish: Short but not sweet, the sweetness previously experienced now gives way to a more oaky, zesty character – a pleasant and surprising turn.

Over all, Kininvie 23 Year Old Batch No.3 is again another winner from the small and elusive Speyside distillery. The distillery may not churn out a lot of single malts, but when they do, they are a cut above many. It’s rare for such a young and small distillery to produce such excellence but as Batch No.1, 2 and now 3 have shown, this is a distillery that knows how to produce a mighty fine single malt – when it chooses to!