While the exact date that the first margarita was created is unclear, it has been around since at least the early 1930s. The recipe is a variation on the popular 19th century Daisy cocktail that was bound to happen at some point - the name "margarita" is actually the Spanish word for "daisy"! Margaritas are super simple and quick to make. If you're hosting guests but are short on time to prepare impressive drinks, why not make some margaritas? Follow our recipe below to make a cocktail that is as delicious as it is easy!

Ingredients for Margarita

Cubed ice 45ml tequila 25ml freshly squeezed lime juice 20ml triple sec 15ml agave syrup Salt 2 lime wedges

Recipe for Margarita

  1. Pour some salt onto a small plate.
  2. Run one of your lime wedges along one side of the rim of your cocktail glass.
  3. Dip the limed coated side of the glass into the salt on the plate. Gently rotate it until half the rim is completely covered in salt.
  4. Add ice, tequila, lime juice, triple sec, and agave to your cocktail shaker.
  5. Shake hard for 30 seconds.
  6. Strain the cocktail into your glass, add a lime wedge on the side to garnish, and enjoy!
We would argue that the most important part of a margarita is the tequila that you use. A high-quality tequila will elevate your margarita significantly. Therefore, we would recommend using Mijenta Tequila Blanco, Fortaleza Blanco Tequila, or Patron Silver Tequila as your tequila base. These tequilas are all super fresh, smooth, and gentle on the palate - they key to a perfect margarita!


How much alcohol is in a margarita? Despite them being so refreshing and tasty, margaritas are some of the strongest cocktails around so be sure to drink responsibly. Our recipe works out to roughly three units of alcohol per margarita; however, this can fluctuate depending on what kind of tequila and triple sec that you use. You can read more about how to calculate units here. What does a margarita taste like? Margaritas perfectly balance sweetness, sourness, and saltiness. The sweetness comes from the triple sec, the sourness is derived from the lime, and the saltiness comes from the salt rim. They are particularly refreshing cocktails and make the perfect summertime thirst quencher.