The Cities of the Future series has been created in collaboration with digital artist, Luke Halls. The series imagines what some of the world’s leading cities will look like 200 years from now. This innovative range embraces the idea of pushing the boundaries of what we’re capable of as a society – truly a whisky of the moment. This specific bottle is inspired by 23rd century London which Halls’ imagines as a wind energy powered haven with striking architecture and beautiful greenery to be found all around. The Thames can be found in the illustration, as well as aerial trains and flying buses. We don’t know about you, but this is a London we’d love to experience! Bright spice is met with liquorice on the well-rounded nose, which moves into gentle smoke, grass, and chocolate on the smooth palate, which melts away into an elegant, smoky, floral, and oaky finish. Classic Johnnie Walker Blue Label – it doesn’t get much better than this! If you’re keen to do more exploring, you can shop our full range of Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whiskies here today.