The Glenfiddich Yozakura takes its name from the Japanese word meaning ‘cherry blossom viewing at night’: a fleeting moment of beauty when the iconic cherry blossom trees of Japan are lit by only moonlight. The admiration of such a rarity is never forgotten.

The expression has spent 29 years slumbering in American and European Oak casks in the heart of Speyside, including a finish in 25 ultra-rare Awamori casks for six months – Awamori being a spirit made from long grain indica rice, indigenous to the southern region of Okinawa, Japan. The resulting liquid boasts a unique layering flavours of toasted oak, creamy vanilla, spices and tangy sherbet. It's delicate, distinctive and just like, Yozakuru, once experienced, is never forgotten.

A limited-edition bottling, it is presented in a gorgeously decorated floral box, complete with a hanko stamp engraved bespoke stopper. The box rotates to reveal the impressive bottle, showcased along with an artwork of Glenfiddich distillery in the Japanese style, framed by the eponymous pink flowers.

Expect notes of caramelised almonds, oak, cinnamon and a distinctive herbal kick on the nose. On the palate we find flavours of toasted oak, creamy vanilla and silky tannins. Bursts of spice and sherbet lemons with green apple. The finish is long, with a lasting oak note.

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