Following our opening in Paris in 2016, The Whisky Shop Cannes is now our second shop in France. Our team of experts is at your service to help you select your favourite spirits as Cannes isn't just about the festival, it's also about whisky!

With this twenty-third boutique, our aim is to simplify the approach to whisky more than ever. We're demystifying what seems complicated. Our expertise lies in opening the doors to this age-old beverage, while keeping the language simple. Our expertise in the spirits sector, but also in the world of luxury, enables us to offer the best possible service to our customers.

Although our passion for rare and little-known whiskies never leaves us, we know that consumers in Cannes are very attached to the most prestigious brands. Thanks to this second branch in France, we're bringing the world's greatest whiskies to the coast.

From the French whiskies we love to the single malt Scotch that represents the vibrant heart of our Scottish origins, we also wanted to offer wide range of whiskies from around the world. At The Whisky Shop Cannes you'll also find a range of spirits, including rum, gin, vodka, cognac and armagnac.

Our team in Cannes look forward to seeing you soon!

The Whisky Shop Cannes, 13 rue Hoche, 06400 Cannes.
Open from 12-7 Tuesday to Friday, and 10-7 on Saturdays.