How does it work?

As an existing customer, you can share the joy of The Whisky Shop with a friend, or several, by sharing an invite link with them. Firstly, register your name and email with MentionMe, to receive your referral link. You can share this with friends by email, or through social media if you choose. Your lucky friend will then receive 15% off to use on any item, which they can claim by entering your full name when asked 'Referred by a friend?' at checkout. This will activate their discount code, and trigger an email which will send you your reward - a 15% off code of your own.

How many discounts can I earn?

Rewards are cumulative, so you stand to earn multiple codes depending on how many of your friends place an order. This is subject to a few sensible limits: a referrer may not earn more than 5 discounts within any 24 hour period. And, a maximum limit of 25 codes can be given overall. For full T&C's click here.

How long does my referral last?

You can continue referring friends for 15% off for three whole months.

How long does my discount last?

You have 3 months to spend your code. You will receive it on the same day that your friend uses their code, from which your time to spend it begins.

How long does my friend's discount last?

Your referred friend only has 7 days to use their discount. Luckily it shouldn't take them long to find something they'll love, as our website has a wide selection of whisky, bourbon, gin, rum and other spirits. And the discount can be used on any bottle!

Are there any exclusions?

The only exclusions are on: W Club Membership, Gift Cards, £250 maximum basket and delivery.

Can I give an existing customer my code?

The referee must be a new customer, with an email not previously registered to The Whisky Shop. Our aim is to share the wonders of The Whisky Shop with people who have never encountered us before, and so only new customers may receive a referral discount. The only way an existing customer can claim their 15% off is by referring a friend.

Refer away! - click here.