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  1. Whisky Regions of Scotland

    When it comes to Whisky, Scotland can be divided into four very distinct regions. Let's learn more about each one:
  2. The Story of Johnnie Walker

    Now recognised worldwide, as one of the largest and most famous whisky brands in the world, the story of Johnnie Walker is the ultimate tale of passion and determination. From a small farm near Kilmarnock, Scotland, Johnnie Walker and his son Alexander transformed their small humble whisky business into the global success you see today.
  3. How To Taste Whisky

    Ever wanted to “wow” your friends with your vast knowledge and ability to taste and describe whisky? Well we are here to help. After reading this post you will be showing off like a regular whisky guru.
  4. Whisky Or Whiskey

    You say “Whisky” and I say “Whiskey”…but why is that?
  5. Ardbeg Corryvreckan Review

    Combining spirit aged in French oak casks alongside classic Ardbeg aged within ex-bourbon American oak casks, we are given a bottling that is as mysterious as the natural phenomena of which it gains its name.
  6. How To Store Whisky

    We often get asked about correct ways to store whisky bottles and how long they can be stored once opened. So let’s first look at whisky storage.

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