1. Introducing the Authors' Series Whisky

    The Authors’ Series is a special range of limited edition and highly exclusive single malt whiskies, created by the ever prestigious blenders and bottlers, Hunter Laing Ltd.
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  2. The Glenlivet Nadurra Oloroso - Tasting Review

    The Glenlivet Nadurra Oloroso - Tasting Review

    When The Glenlivet launched The Glenlivet Nadurra back in 2005, the reception was positive to say the least. Praise came in thick and fast from most respected whisky publications and in the years that followed, the whisky won multiple highly prestigious awards -earning its place within the upper ranks of whisky stardom.
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  3. Ballantine's Christmas Reserve - Tasting Review

    Ballantine's Christmas Reserve - Tasting Review

    With Christmas only a few weeks away, we thought it only fitting that we sit down to taste the new, limited edition Ballantine’s Christmas Reserve. Developed by Ballantine’s Master Blender, Sandy Hyslop.
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  4. Tasting Review - Jack Daniel's Single Barrel

    Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel is, as the distillery itself puts it, the jewel in the Jack Daniel’s crown.
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  5. The Journey of Johnnie Walker Blue Label

    The Journey of Johnnie Walker Blue Label

    Johnnie Walker never do anything by the half; Johnnie Walker Blue Label is testament to that. Like the brand itself, Johnnie Walker Blue Label has been through an incredible journey before reaching your dram glass.
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  6. What Is Whisky Made Of?

    What Is Whisky Made Of?

    For a drink of such complex flavours and character, the three core ingredients of whisky are very basic. They are water, barley and yeast. It is what is done to these ingredients and how they are sourced that makes the process of making whisky so special. The distillation and maturation processes can totally transform the flavour of a whisky.
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  7. What Is The Oldest Whisky In The World?

    What Is The Oldest Whisky In The World?

    Whisky-making has been an integral part of Scottish history for hundreds of years. Hundreds of distilleries have come and gone over the years, with many being closed due to fires, wars, and Prohibition. Many distilleries survived these events but still went through stints of going in and out of production. Therefore, it is pretty tricky to work out what the oldest Scottish whisky distillery is, with various distilleries having credible claims to the title.
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  8. Whisky Regions of Scotland

    Whisky Regions of Scotland

    When it comes to Whisky, Scotland can be divided into six very distinct regions. Let's learn more about each one:
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  9. The Story of Johnnie Walker

    The Story of Johnnie Walker

    Now recognised worldwide, as one of the largest and most famous whisky brands in the world, the story of Johnnie Walker is the ultimate tale of passion and determination. From a small farm near Kilmarnock, Scotland, Johnnie Walker and his son Alexander transformed their small, humble whisky business into the global success you see today.
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  10. How To Taste Whisky

    How To Taste Whisky

    Are you considering hosting a whisky tasting party? Have you ever wanted to “wow” your friends with your vast knowledge and ability to taste and describe whisky? Or are you simply looking for how to develop your appreciation of the drink? Whatever you are looking for, we are here to help. Let us talk you through the techniques to help you savour whisky like a seasoned pro. After reading through our handy guide, you will be showing off your tasting skills like a regular whisky guru.
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