Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel is, as the distillery itself puts it, the jewel in the Jack Daniel’s crown. The master distillers take great pride crafting and selecting which barrels go onto become a Jack Daniels Single Barrel whiskey – of which only 1 out of every 100 make the grade.

Although underlined with that classic Jack Daniel’s character that we all know and love, Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel is a more robust, bold and mature expression of Jack Daniel’s. Each barrel is unique therefore, although similar in its appearance and character, every bottle of Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel whiskey is too unique. As mentioned, only 1 out of 100 barrels are selected to be placed high above the other barrels in the distillery, in an area called “The Angels Roost” – it is here, exposed to a more varied atmosphere, that these specially selected barrels mature and gain their unique character. For example, when compared to the maturation process of Jack Daniel’s Old No.7, during which 15% of the whiskey is lost to “the angels share”, Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel experiences a 30% loss.

The result is a more complex, darker, rich expression of Jack Daniel’s that will fast become your go-to whiskey for those nights when you simply need to unwind.

So what did we think of Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel?

Nose: Firstly, there’s that familiar sweetness which is prominent in all Jack Daniel’s whiskies, most notably the Old No.7 – vanilla, caramel, almond – it’s smooth on the nose and very inviting.

Palate: Again, the first thing to hit is that sweet iconic Jack flavour, this is then joined by a woodier, oaky character, which gives this whiskey tremendous depth. It’s incredibly smooth and rich whiskey – I am tempted to use the word “creamy”.

Finish: The finish is again smooth and lingers pleasantly on the palate, allowing time for appreciation.

We are big fans of Jack Daniels Single Barrel, for the price (£50.00) it is a wonderful American whiskey which is easy to drink and enjoy. If you are a fan of the classic Old No.7, then you really need to try Single Barrel – it will become the talking point of your collection.

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