Mars Malted Cosmo Wine Cask Finish

The 2020 release of Mars Maltage Cosmo is a limited edition blended malt that has been finished in ex-wine casks for just under a year. Bottled at 43% abv, this is a rich, fruity and balanced expression from Shinshu distillery in Japan. 

The nose has dried fruits, banana chips and apricot tea, with spicy and fruity notes from the red wine shining through. A soft palate follows with sweet notes of honey and brown sugar, followed by Japanese peach and crispy red fruits. Fine and delicate tannins make for a delightful finish. Perfect for the dad with a sweet-tooth!

Westward Single Malt

Surprise your dad with this stunning American single malt whiskey from Westward. The expression was created using locally sourced malted barley and brewed with ale yeast and was then matured in lightly toasted American virgin oak casks. Bottled at 45% abv, it is free from artificial colouring and chill filtration.

On the nose begins a burst of sweetness with brown sugar, pears, and vanilla leading the charge. The palate is darker with cinnamon, spiced oak, and tobacco, before leading into a lingering and satisfying finish.

Bushmills The Original Gift Box

This ready-to-go gift box is the perfect Father’s Day present for an Irish whiskey fan. Bushmills Original is a classic Irish blended whiskey, composed of more than 50% malt whiskey from Bushmills distillery and Irish grain whiskey. This expression is triple distilled, aged for five years and bottled at 40% abv.

An aromatic fresh nose with hints of lemon and herbs. On the palate, sweet and smooth with vanilla cream and a hint of ginger spice that lingers.

The Lakes Single Malt Whiskymaker’s Editions: Mosaic

Whiskymaker's Edition: Mosaic is a sensational expression from The Lakes Distillery in England. Inspired by the Silk Road, Mosaic brings together diverse flavours from both east and west to create this elegant single malt. This is the perfect whisky for the adventurous dad.

Expect rich flavours of aromatic wood, baking spices, and baked orange peel, as well as hints of dark chocolate, toasted macadamia nuts, and dried fruits.

Kavalan Concertmaster

Some stunning fare from Taiwan! This outstanding single malt combines whisky finished in ruby port, tawny port, and vintage port casks after an initial maturation in American oak to create this wonderfully sweet and spicy expression.

On the nose, there is tobacco, vanilla pod, and milk chocolate. The palate has gentle white pepper, cinnamon, and toasted oak before leading into a fruity finish full of notes of red berries. A truly unique dram perfect for dads who love to try something different.


This single malt whisky is produced with Indian barley using water flowing from the Great Himalayas at Amrut distillery outside Bangalore, India. Founded in 1948, it wasn't until 2004 that Amrut whisky made its European debut. This expression is bottled at 46% abv. This expression makes a stunning gift if your dad is looking to explore new whiskies outside the world of Scotch.

Destillerie Ralf Hauer 4 Year Old Batch 1 That Boutqiue-y Whisky Company

A show-stopping four year-old expression from Germany' Destillerie Ralf Hauer. Released by That Boutique-y Whisky Company, this single malt goes against the grain as it spent its maturation period in an ex-sherry cask before being finished in a bourbon cask. Exceptionally unique, exceptionally tasty.

The nose is delightfully earthy, with notes of super fresh pine leading the charge. The palate rich and pleasantly spicy with pepper. The finish is long and lingering, with herby notes and baking spices present long after the last sip.

Starward Single Barrel Red Wine Barrique

A first-rate single malt whisky from down under, totally exclusive to The Whisky Shop. This is a 3-year-old expression that has been aged tropically in Melbourne. A single barrel whisky, this was bottled in April 2021 after being laid to rest in 2017. This is from the New World Whisky Distillery, creator of Starward. Barley is sourced from Australia, and the spirit is matured in an American oak red wine cask from Victoria. The use of a small cask makes this one’s maturation especially fast. Beautifully rich, this is a wonderfully tasty Australian whisky, from a small distillery with a lot of heart. An excellent whisky for Father's Day if you're looking to gift him a rare dram.

Deep amber in colour, it reveals tart berry fruits, vanilla toffee, and oak shavings on the nose. The palate is sweet, fruity, with long, warming spice. This spice lingers in a beautifully oaky, tannic finish, mouth-coating and mentholic.

Kyrö Malt

A fabulous release from Finnish distillery Kyrö! This expression is a standout rye whiskey that is full to the brim with perfectly balanced sweet and spicy notes that are bound to impress. The whiskey is bottled at 47.2% abv.

The nose is inviting with notes of dark chocolate, baking spices, and espresso. The hints of dark chocolate continue into the palate alongside hints of spicy black pepper and sweet vanilla before leading into an equally sweet and spicy finish.

Alfred Giraud Harmonie

This French blended malt whisky from Alfred Giraud begins as a blend of two unpeated malt whiskies, the majority matured in XO cognac casks and a proportion in Limousin and American oak casks. This double malt blend is aged in XO cognac casks for a time before being married with a lightly peated French malt, with the resulting triple malt blend finished in the same XO cognac casks before being bottled at 46.1% abv.

Bold and inviting on the nose, aromas of warm raisin bread and baking spices surround notes of smoky barley. On the palate this whisky strikes a harmonious balance between being powerful and delicate at the same time; its silky mouthfeel gives way to more baking spices and ripe, juicy grapes, with a wisp of peat smoke. The finish is deliciously long, with the gentle peat amplifying the soft tannins of the old cognac casks. This is a dram fit for a king!

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