Whisky Lamps

Upgrade your mood lighting game with these gorgeous whisky lamps. When finished with your bottle, add battery operated fairy lights to the inside, along with other items to add extra flair. This could be dried flowers, crystals, marbles, even coffee beans. In addition, these will cover the battery pack for your lights - in style.


With a simple tool, you can turn your precious bottles into decorative vases. By purchasing a bottle cutter, you can trim the neck off your whisky bottle to reveal an unique vase that showcases your favourite dram. It also makes for a fantastic gift.

You will need:

Safety goggles

Safety gloves

Bottle cutter

Medium and fine grit sandpaper

To use the tool, you adjust it to fit your bottle and with firm pressure, turn the bottle towards you to make a score line. Pour boiling water onto your score line and then immediately pour over cold water, the top should crack right off - leaving a neat cut. Finally, use your medium grit sandpaper to sand down the sharp edge, followed by the fine grit kind to create a smooth edge. Ta-da!

Infuse Your Whisky

Have you been gifted a bottle that's not quite to your taste, or wish to upgrade a cheaper whisky to something tasty and unique? You can infuse your dram with all sorts of flavours.

Simply add the ingredient you wish to impart flavour into the bottle, and observe the taste get deeper and deeper day by day. Once the taste is at your optimum level, strain out the ingredient and savour your creation.

Common ingredients used include:

  • Fruits: apples, peaches, berries
  • Spices: vanilla, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, cacao, ginger
  • Flowers: lavender, rose
  • Sweets: Werthers originals, chocolate, shortbread, pear drops

You can then go on to use your unique whisky in your own cocktail creations. By using an infused whisky, you don't comprimise the original recipe of the cocktail by adding flavoured syrups, for example. Think: Peach Old Fashioned, Winter Spice Irish Whisky, Ginger High-Ball, Cherry Rob Roy.