An elusive bottling from Ladyburn, the shortest-lived distillery in Scotland, makes its home at The Whisky Shop

For a span of just ten years from 1966 to 1975, the seaside town of Girvan, South Ayrshire, was home to a small distillery by the name of Ladyburn. The William Grant & Sons operation was more of an extension to the existing Girvan grain distillery than a stand-alone facility, but with its four stills and its automated processes - a first for the industry - the distillery produced modest quantities of a fine Lowland malt that served its purpose in Grant's Blended Scotch. By 1975, with production volume not living up to expectations, the decision was made to close and demolish Ladyburn - and that's where it gets interesting!

A number of casks of the precious uisge beatha were stored away, allowed to mature for decades, slowly evolving as the golden liquid slumbered within the oak barrels. Today, only a handful of bottlings from Ladyburn have ever been released with even fewer official bottlings, making this whisky one of the rarest in the world. Fortunately The Whisky Shop have teamed up with William Grant & Sons to offer a very unique 1974 vintage expression from Ladyburn that was bottled on the liquid's 40th birthday on 21st November 2014. With just 157 bottles in existence, this incredibly special offering is only available at The Whisky Shop. At a cost of £2597, this is probably one for the collector's cabinet but whisky is made for drinking and should the lucky owner decide to sample this treasure, flavours of orange, oak and floral notes will dazzle.

Ladyburn 1974 40 Year Old £2597