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    Bowmore Laimrig

    Laimrig, which is Scots Gaelic for 'pier', celebrates Bowmore's ancient stone pier where the distillery's barley would once have been unloaded; ready to make its journey through the now world famous distillery. It is also here that the finished product would have returned, before setting sail for the four corners of the world for you and I to enjoy!

    To celebrate its crucial role in the creation and distribution of its whisky, Bowmore have launched Laimrig; a highly revered limited edition 15 year old single malt.

    The whisky itself is an absolute treat, which is why it is has become so revered amongst the whisky community. Laimrig is matured for 15 long but rewarding years in Bowmores legendary No.1 vaults, the oldest maturation warehouse in Scotland and the only one below sea level. Each batch has been matured in a hand-selected Spanish sherry cask which gives this whisky its unforgettable taste as well as its warm, teak brown appearance.

    The Laimrig is a dram to be savoured, so after pouring allow this sophisticated malt room to breathe. Raise the glass to the nose gently and allow the dark sweet sherry aromas to soar. Figs, cocoa and that iconic Islay peat follow; lifting the nose and reaffirming that this is something bolder, more refined, and more special.

    Next, the taste; a rich combination of cocoa and treacle, dark dry fruit and that ever present warmth from the sherry make way to that classic Bowmore smoky character. The finish is long, so savour it, let it linger; after all, something as special as Laimrig deserves your full attention.

    Everything about Bowmore’s Laimrig oozes perfection and fans of the distillery will be more than impressed. This is Bowmore at its finest and is a bottle that should sit pride of place within every whisky enthusiast’s collection.

    Like what you have heard? You can buy a bottle of Bowmore Laimrig at The Whisky Shop today.