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Buffalo Trace 5cl Description

Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is distilled, aged and bottled at its distillery in Franklin County, Kentucky. Made from the finest corn, rye and barley malt, the whiskey ages in new oak barrels for years in century old warehouses until the peak of maturity. The taste is rich and complex.

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There are various categories of American whiskey but in general they are distinguished by region -Tennessee Whiskey - or type - Bourbon Whiskey.

The type of American whiskey is determined by the mash it uses. The mash is the mix of grains used.

Some types of American Whiskey:-

Rye whiskey - made from a mash that consists of at least 51% rye;

Bourbon whiskey - made for mash that consists of at least 51% corn;

Corn whiskey - made from a mash that consists of at least 80% corn.

It is believed that up to 95% of all bourbon is made in Kentucky. Technically, bourbon can be made in any part of the US.

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Buffalo Trace
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