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    glenfiddich excellence 26 year old

    glenfiddich excellence 26 year old

    Coming soon to The Whisky Shop is a new expression from the masters at Glenfiddich - a whisky steeped in history, heritage and quality, the Glenfiddich Excellence 26 Year Old. 

    Glenfiddich Excellence was created to honour the distillery’s continuous line of family ownership since William Grant founded it in 1887. The distillery is clearly very proud of this new expression and so they should be, a lot of craftsmanship, skill and time have gone into creating this new expression that they describe as being:

    “soft and delicate expression, with a deep and complex balance of sweetness and dry oak tannin. Bound to excite the palate and awaken the nose.”

    Reading the distilleries official tasting notes we can begin to paint a more vivid picture of what to expect from this intriguing addition to the Glenfiddich family.

    Nose: Soft and delicate with floral character.

    Taste: Sweet, vanilla and soft brown sugar, with a balance of dry tannin and deep oak flavour.

    Finish: Deep and lasting.

    To celebrate the launch of Glenfiddich Excellence, the distillery created wonderful short films that document the life and journey of this special single malt. These are a must watch for any whisky enthusiast and can be viewed below:

    The story of wood

    The Creation of the Cask

    The Glenfiddich Treatment

     Nosing and Tasting

    You can pre-order a bottle of Glenfiddich Excellence 26 Year Old today at the Whisky Shop. [LINK TO SHOP TO GO IN HERE]