Highland Park Valfather

Highland Park Valfather

Highland Park Valfather is the third and final release in the acclaimed Viking Legend series from the Orkney distillery. Celebrating the island’s 600 years of Norse rule, this limited edition series was created in collaboration with Danish desinger, and true Viking soul, Jim Lyngvild, with each of the whiskies hand-selected by Master Whisky Maker Gordon Motion.

Highland Park Viking Legend Series

Beginning with Highland Park Valkyrie in 2017, the Viking Legend series has explored the great Norse legends. Beginning with the Valkyries, the spirits that had the power to choose which Viking warriors would die in battle and be taken to join the army of the god Odin, the series continued with Valknut, the symbol that would be placed upon the fallen warriors. This final release honours the god Odin himself, taking one of his many names, Valfather translates as ‘father of the slain’ or ‘father of all’.

Highland Park Valfather

Highland Park

70cl / 47% abv

Nose: fruity, crisp apple and sweet pear.
Palate: creamy vanilla and creme brulee with toasted cedar wood and a touch of paprika spice.
Finish: long and floral with wisps of Highland Park’s heather peat smoke.