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    investing in whisky

    So you want to invest in whisky? Like any investment, investing in whisky carries risk. It’s important to remember that your investments can go down as well as up. You will hear many whisky collectors and investors say “buy what you want to drink”, because in the scenario that your collection becomes worthless at least you have some fine whisky to drink.

    How whisky investment works

    In 2010 Sotheby’s in New York sold a 64 year old bottle of whisky for £460,000! In 2011 Macallan released a special commemorative bottle celebrating the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. In 2011 this special bottle cost £150; today these bottles sell for around £900. Twenty years ago, now defunct distillery, Port of Ellen sold standard bottles of their single malt for £30. Those same bottles are now worth about £1,500 each.

    When it comes to whisky investments, it’s these sorts of opportunities that you should look out for.

    • The age of a whisky – the older the age on the bottles label the more valuable it will be.
    • Special releases and limited editions – these bottles are limited by the amount manufactured; rarity is always a strong factor in a bottles value.
    • No longer manufactured – the Port of Ellen distillery closed in 1986 and its whisky was no longer produced again creating rarity and value.

    Best tips for whisky investing

    Do your homework! You wouldn’t buy a car without researching it first, the same applies with whisky.

    Always invest in well-known distilleries. From a collector’s point of view, history and heritage play a big part in which whiskies are most sought after.

    Single malts are more valuable due to the fact that they are unique to each distillery. Also look out for single cask whiskies as these also sell for higher prices.

    Look for whiskies produced in limited volumes, special bottles and limited editions. A good tip is to look for bottles produced by distilleries that are no longer in operation.

    Ensure that you have a secure and safe place to store your whisky, for help read our post “How to Store Whisky”. You do not want to damage any aspect of your bottle or its packaging.

    Be patient, whisky investment is rarely an instant investment. Most whisky investments take up to 10 – 20 years before any significant return is seen.

    When all is fails have a dram

    As mentioned before whisky investments can fail just like any other investment. It’s vitally important that you are passionate about whisky before making any sort of investment, because if it all goes pear shaped you’re going to have a lot of whisky to drink!