Many people will be accustomed to liqueurs in snappy mixed drinks and bright cocktails, but this is a diverse category of drinks with a great deal of history of complexity to it. Browse our range below and find the biggest names in the industry alongside some lesser-known gems.

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About Liqueurs

The origins of liqueurs was to combine medicinal roots and herbs with a spirit base, with the aim of creating a libation that would cure a wide range of ailments. The taste stuck, and this combination of flavours with a spirit base has created the category of liqueurs, which is now a protected term.To be a liqueur, a drink must have use a spirit as a base, contain additional flavourings, have a strength of at least 15% abv, and have at least 100 grams of sugar per litre.


On top of other things, the Renaissance period did a good job of inventing liqueurs. Monks, priests, and other holy figures were given orders (occasionally by royal decree) to try and create a liquid that would help ail people from sickness. They ended up making liquids that were far ahead of their time, and actually harboured a much greater health benefit than they could have probably hoped for.