Makar Glasgow's Original Dry Gin Mixing it Up: Makar Gin Cocktail
Makar Glasgow's Original Dry Gin

Makar Gin

70cl 43% abv

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Makar Gin Description

Makar, named after the Scots word for poet or bard, is a juniper-led gin with hints of coriander, angelica, lemon, liquorice, black peppercorns and rosemary. It is made in a £100,000, 450-litre copper still imported from Carl Distilleries in Germany. A robust and bold spirit, with plenty juniper notes, coriander and rosemary flavours also shine through. The gin has medicinal, piney qualities that linger long into the finish. Bottled at 43% ABV, this is smooth but also has a surprisingly heavy mouthfeel – great for a Martini!

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The original Glasgow Distillery was built at Dundashill and can be traced all the way back to 1825, where it took over the operation of the Dundashill site. By the turn of the century, a Column Still was installed to increase production but soon after in 1903, the business closed in the face of fierce competition. In the years that followed, a combination of the Great Depression, Prohibition and two World Wars lead to the complete obliteration of Glasgow’s remaining distilleries (in a wider context, Scotland’s operational distilleries dropped to only 15 in 1933).Following the end of the Second World War, the UK Government incentivised the re-opening of mothballed distilleries and used Scotch Whisky to generate hard currency in a stagnant economy. The world’s love affair with Scotch rekindled and the country’s stellar reputation for distilling started anew.

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