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    Ardbeg Single Malt Whisky

    Ardbeg is highly acclaimed worldwide for producing the peatiest, smokiest and most complex single malt whisky of its kind, often described as the ultimate Islay single malt. The range is full of confident character and expression, and has gained somewhat of a cult following over the years. Ardbeg is a brand synonymous with high quality and excellence, and the whiskies are not to be missed! Frequently cited as the greatest single malt distillery in the world, Ardbeg was founded in 1815 on the south-eastern edge of the Scottish island of Islay, a location which allows - it is reputed - the maturing casks to absorb beautiful favours from the sea air.

    Loch Uigeadail, its chief water source and which means ‘dark and mysterious place’ in Gaelic, became the inspiration for the Ardbeg expression of the same name, which was launched in 2003 and has since won numerous global whisky awards. As with many distilleries, Ardbeg was once used for illegal distillation, as smugglers took advantage of Islay’s remote location. John McDougall first established Ardbeg as a fully legal operation in 1815 but sadly the distillery ran into trouble in the late 1970s and fell silent in 1981. Despite production resuming briefly in 1989, Ardbeg fell silent once again in 1996. Glenmorangie took over in 1997 and since then Ardbeg has undergone an incredible turnaround, fully recovering its former glory and ensuring the brand’s place in every single malt whisky lover’s collection.

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