Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Auchentoshan distillery is located at the foot of the Kilpatrick hills on the outskirts of Clydebank in West Dumbartonshire. Due to this close proximity with Glasgow, Auchentoshan is often referred to as the “Glasgow Malt Whisky."

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About Auchentoshan

It is one of only six malt whisky distilleries in the Scottish Lowlands, making it a cherished Glasgow landmark for tourists to visit. There has been an Auchentoshan distillery at this location since 1800, however in 1969 Eadie Cairns, then owner, completely rebuilt the distillery that can be seen today.

In 1941, Auchentoshan was badly damaged in a bomb raid, decimating one of the warehouses.
The name "Auchentoshan" is derived from the Scots Gaelic "Achadh an Oisein" which translates to "corner of the field."
Auchentoshan is referred to as "Glasgow's Malt Whisky" due to its proximity to the city as well as the "breakfast whisky" due to its light and sweet flavours.


Founded in 1823, Auchentoshan Distillery is situated in Clydebank and are one of the last Lowland distilleries that are still in production today. They are the only distillery in Scotland to triple distil all of their produce, making for particularly gentle and smooth whiskies. The distillery is currently owned by Morrison Bowmore.

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