Banff Single Malt Whisky

Banff Distillery has been on a rollercoaster of good and bad fortune since its opening in 1824. Closed in 1863 in favour a more convenient local distilling site, it then erupted in flames in 1877. Thankfully, then-owners the Simpson family rebuilt the plant, only for economic downturn to forced closure once again in 1932.

Despite being purchased by DCL (under their SMD arm) Banff stayed closed and suffered further misfortune when it was bombed by the Luftwaffe in 1941, causing a warehouse to explode and propel casks and whisky into the surrounding area! Production resumed once the war was over, but Banff’s unlucky streak wasn’t over yet, and fire struck again in 1959. Fortune favoured the Highland anomaly and it was yet again resurrected, running until 1983 when the decision was taken to demolish the entire site – a process that culminated with the final warehouse catching fire in 1991! Banff single malt is oily in texture, as is common for whisky from the older distilleries, and its distinct apple characteristic is complemented by a smoky perfume note. It is a rare find, with the most notable bottling released in Diageo’s now discontinued Rare Malts collection.