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    Benrinnes Single Malt Whisky

    Benrinnes distillery is located in Aberlour, where it was originally founded in 1826 before a flood destroyed the building just a few years later. It has sat on the current site, around a mile south of the original, since 1835 and was fully rebuilt by then owner Peter McKenzie in 1955. The building you see today sits at 700ft on the northern side of Ben Rinnes Mountain, a distinctive landmark which dominates Speyside. Mountainside springs which run down to the Scurran and Rowantree burns provide the fresh water source for the distillery.

    One of six distilleries which lie around the Ben, this namesake was previously rather unique due to its practice of partial triple distillation up until 2007. Although it now uses more common distillation techniques with two wash and four wash stills, their single malts are characterised by the kind of delicate taste you would expect from such a history.

    Official bottlings from Benrinnes distillery are rare, with limited 2014 and 2009 releases being the only ones made available since a 15 year old single malt expression was released as part of the Flora and Fauna series in 1991. With such scarcity, and as a whisky so highly rated by master blenders throughout the industry, Benrinnes malt is highly sought after. The distillery is now owned by Scotland’s largest whisky producers, Diageo, and the majority of the malt produced is used for their various blends. However, there are often different expressions from the distillery made available by independent bottlers.

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