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    Glen Spey Single Malt Whisky

    Glen Spey is a little known distillery located in Rothes, which is primarily used to produce spirit which goes into the popular J&B blends. For a distillery set in the heart of Speyside, Glen Spey has a relatively small production capacity of just 1.4million litres, and this may account for its low profile. Built in 1878, the distillery was originally an oatmeal mill owned by corn merchant James Stuart. Later he decided to enter the whisky market and simply added the necessary equipment to the existing mill.

    Although it is not widely known, the distillery at Glen Spey has several notable production processes which differentiate it from most whisky distilleries. They use after-coolers to condense vapours from the stills and the spirit stills have ‘purifiers’ which push some vapours back into the pot for re-distillation. It is said that these unique processes contribute to the distinctive golden colour and light character of the rare Glen Spey single malt.

    Official bottlings from the distillery are difficult to find, with only a few expressions in regular circulation. A 12 year old expression was released as part of the Flora & Fauna series in 2001, and a limited edition 21 year old aged in bourbon casks was made available in 2010. These releases have been well received by the whisky community and are noted for their flowery aroma and smooth palate.

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