Inchmurrin Whisky

Inchmurrin is a small island in Loch Lomond and Inchmurrin single malt is made at Loch Lomond Distillery in nearby Alexandria. It is a large and complex site with an astonishing range of stills – six traditional pot stills, Lomond-style stills (with rectifying columns in place of swan necks, to produce a lighter style of spirit), a modified Coffey still which produces grain spirit from malted barley – this sounds like a contradiction in terms, but the Regulations insist that to be termed ‘malt spirit’ it must come from a pot still – and a traditional continuous still.

As a result, Loch Lomond is capable of producing eight different styles of malt spirit and grain spirits on the same site. Inchmurrin is produced on the Lomond stills, which have rectifying trays in their dumpy necks to produce intensely fruity/floral new make spirit at high strength (up to 90%Vol). This style of still allows for different flavour notes to be emphasised according to how they are run and where the spirit is drawn off.
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