Jura Scotch Whisky

Hours away from the Scottish mainland, miles away from ‘ordinary’; Jura might not be the easiest place to make whisky, but we believe it’s the best. One road, one pub and one distillery - and home to a determined community spirit. Free from distractions, we focus entirely on one thing – making the very best single malt whisky we can. The island’s single track road leads to the distillery and island’s only pub which lie at the heart of Jura’s small but passionate community of around 200 people who are vastly outnumbered by the heard of some 5,000 deer.

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  1. Jura The Loch

    Jura The Loch

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  2. Jura 18 Year Old with box

    Jura 18 Year Old

  3. Jura 1989 with case

    Jura 1989

  4. Jura 1988 with case

    Jura 1988


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