Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Kilchoman Distillery was the first new Islay distillery in 125 years when it opened in 2005. Known among whisky aficionados as being ahead of the curve before the whisky boom, Kilchoman released its first whisky in 2009 and now produces several gems that have become both fan favourites and critics' darlings alike.

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About Kilchoman

Known as a farm distillery, everything for the whisky is produced on the single location of the distillery. Distilling, maturing, and bottling, from barley to bottle this is the only distillery crafting single malt from barley grown and malted on Islay. The distillery has three core single malt expressions: Sanaig Whisky, Machir Bay Whisky, and its 100% Islay Whisky.

More than a quarter of its spirit is made from local barley grown on the island.
Kilchoman is one of only 7 distilleries still practising traditional floor malting in Scotland.
The two main cask types, bourbon barrels and sherry butts, are sourced directly from the world renowned Buffalo Trace Distillery.


Kilchoman Distillery was the first new Islay distillery in 124 years when it opened its doors in 2005. Kilchoman Distillery is in the northwest of the island of Islay, close to Machir Bay. Anthony Wills founded Kilchoman and to this day it remains an independent, family run distillery.

Taste Profile

Kilchoman is known for flavours of...

Peat Smoke
Floral Notes
Light Fruit