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    Knockando Single Malt Whisky

    Knockando distillery is located in its namesake village in the Strathspey area; the name is derived from the Gaelic for ‘little black hill’. The Knockando brand is little known in the UK but is actually one the most successful Diageo malts due its huge popularity in both France and Spain.

    Knockando is a relatively small distillery, with only 1.29 million litres of pure alcohol produced at the facility each year. Less than 10% of that spirit is retained for bottling as single malt, with the majority being used as the heart malt in the popular J&B blended whisky. Perhaps due to its small capacity and domestic low-profile, the distillery is not open to the public.

    The distillery was founded by John Thompson in 1898, during the whisky boom which saw numerous new facilities open up in Speyside around that time. Many of them struggled when the bubble burst, and Knockando was no different; closing in 1900 after just one year of production. The facility was taken over by gin producers W & A Gilbey, who resumed production in 1904. The company went through various mergers which ultimately led to current owners Diageo.

    Interestingly, Knockando was the first Scottish distillery to be built with electric lighting – making it state of the art when it was first opened. Today it is one of the more traditional facilities still functioning, but is thriving thanks to the European popularity of its single malt.

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