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    Mannochmore Single Malt Whisky

    Official bottles of single malt from the Mannochmore distillery, located south of Elgin, are rare as it has traditionally been used as a workhorse distillery to produce spirit for blended whiskies. The facility was opened in 1971, on the same grounds as the Glenlossie distillery. For many years workers would split their time between the two distilleries, with each functioning for 6 months of the year. Both of the distilleries now operate at close to full capacity thanks to the growing worldwide demand for whisky. The site also has a dark grains plant which converts much of the by-product produced during the distillation process into cattle feed – making it relatively environmentally friendly.

    Mannochmore is also notable as the source of the infamous Loch Dhu – a rich black whisky released in the 1990s which has now become a collector’s item thanks to its unusual appearance. This colour was achieved by aging the spirit in double-charred oak casks.

    Unusually this special edition is one of the only official bottlings of Mannochmore single malt whisky, with the semi-official Flora & Fauna 12 year old expression being the only other commonly available. Independent bottlings from the distillery are also very rare, with the majority of the spirit produced on site now being used in a range of popular Diageo blends.

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