Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Scapa is an artisan single malt whisky forged by the extreme elements of Orkney. Scapa is the second most northern whisky distillery in Scotland, just half a mile south of Highland Park Distillery. Since 1885, the tumultuous weather has filled the surrounding lochs and flows throughout streams nearby, fuelling the whisky with precious minerals and richness.

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About Scapa

One of the last remaining manually operated distilleries, Scapa is manned 24 hours a day. The team work in successive shifts which means each shoulders the responsibility of delivering a consistently smooth, creamy sweet single malt on their own. The new make spirit is racked into first-fill American Oak casks, hand selected and brought in from Tennessee and Kentucky. These precious American imports are what brings the single malts their soft vanilla taste. Water from the Orquil Springs is used for the mashing, and even though this water is peaty, it gets transported to the distillery through pipelines to limit the contact with the peat. The result is a brilliantly fruity, honey flavoured whisky.

The rugged climate of Orkney means less spirit is lost to evaporation, the legendary Angel’s Share, which normally claims 2% of every batch.
Unlike other island distilleries no peat is used to dry our malt; this allows the uniquely sweet and tropical flavours of Scapa to come through.
Benefitting from Scapa Whisky, as well as whisky drinkers, are the local cows who are fed the leftover grains. Some even joke that Orkney beef is so tasty because the cows get happy on their own wee drams.


Founded in 1885, was continually producing throughout the 20th century. In World War One, naval officers were billeted in the distillery when a fire broke out. Admiral Jellicoe, commander of the Grand Fleet, sent men ashore to put the fire out, building a human chain to carry the water and saving the distillery from destruction. In 1994 production was stopped, and the distillery faced imminent closure in 2004. But it quickly revived itself, and the first new spirit in 10 years flowed in November 2004. Thank goodness!

Taste Profile

Scapa is known for flavours of...

Tropical Fruit