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    Island Single Malt Scotch Whiskies

    Scotland’s small islands, from Arran, Jura and Mull in the West, to Orkney in the North, produce whiskies of various styles. Yet again, there is huge diversity in the styles of whisky produced, partly due to the fact that there are nearly 800 islands, of which only a few are inhabited. When referring to the Island region, this does exclude the 'whisky capital' Islay, which is a region of its own.

    Island whiskies have very different characters, which are born from the individuality of the Island itself. They, like the beautiful countryside they spring from, will provide something to suit everyone’s taste. Vicinity to the sea and the coast has a large bearing on the flavour and character of the spirit and there can be some generalisations dependant on the location of the island. Highland Park and Scapa in the northern island of Orkney are coastal distilleries but produce very different styles of whisky - malty and smoky and herbal/citrus respectively. The Isle of Skye distillery, Talisker, produce whiskies that are big and punchy with plenty character. Isle of Arran whiskies are rich and malty and finally Mull and Jura have a huge diversity of style of whiskies, dependant on distillery - thick, nutty and maritime can be used to describe them.

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