Au Vodka

Au Vodka is an Ultra-Premium British vodka, presented in striking gold bottles. The letters 'Au' represent gold on the periodic table of elements which symbolises power and perfection. Au Vodka is created from high quality English grain, blended with fresh spring water and filtered five times through gold for an exceptionally smooth taste. This is an award-winning vodka, designed to impress, and makes for the ideal gift for big occasions.

Au Vodka currently have four bottles in their collection. The Original was released in 2015 and is stunningly smooth, to be enjoyed on the rocks or in any cocktail. The Black Grape has used British grapes to combine with the signature vodka for a sweet and complex twist on the original, perfect with lemonade for a refreshing summer drink. The Fruit punch combines the classic Au Vodka style with natural fruit juices for an exotic sensation. Finally, the Blue Raspberry, launched in 2020 is not only vibrant blue in colour but is a creation using a secret fruit recipe to create a unique and sweet drink.

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  1. Au Vodka Green Watermelon

    Au Vodka Green Watermelon

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  2. Au Vodka Collection

    Au Vodka Collection

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