Spiced Rum

Kraken Rum (also known as The Kraken) is a producer of Caribbean black spiced rum. A relative newcomer to the dark rum market, Kraken Rum exploded onto the scene with their flagship product, Kraken Black Spiced Rum. Ever since, drinkers across the world have been toasting its nutty, sweet, and spicy expression, while proclaiming its tagline ‘Release the Kraken’.

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About Kraken Rum

Introduced in 2010, the base spirit uses molasses from locally grown sugar cane in the country of Trinidad and Tobago. After distillation, the rum is aged between one and two years. It is then blended with a top-secret blend of 11 exotic spices and presented at 40% abv. In 2020 it was the seventh best-selling rum in the U.S.

The bottle is styled after a Victorian rum bottle, with two hoop handles based on the tradition of hanging a bottle to prevent breakages (and also calls to mind the shape of a giant squid, to us at least).
Kraken Rum says that the blackness of its rum comes from the hue of the ink of the great sea monster, a Kraken. Don’t expect to see this ink listed on the ingredients though.
Kraken Rum is distilled in Trinidad and Tobago, the southernmost island country in the Caribbean Sea.


The Kraken is based on rums distilled at Angostura Distillery, Trinidad. They are distributed by Proximo Spirits, itself founded in 2007. The oceanic connection Kraken Rum has doesn’t stop at its name, it has a history of working with non-profit organisations that tackle shark conservation and marine litter. Because even if the ocean is filled with scary, tentacled sea monsters, that’s still no excuse not to take care of it!

Taste Profile

Kraken is known for flavours of...