We don't just sell whisky at The Whisky Shop - as a specialist retailer we also sell some of the finest spirits on the market, including gin, vodka, rum and more. Build your home bar with essential ingredients or find your next favourite tipple (besides whisky of course!).

Spirit Range: Gin | Rum | Vodka | Brandy / Cognac | Tequila / Mezcal

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  1. Kraken Rum Reef Wreckage
    Free Gift

    Kraken Rum Reef Wreckage

  2. Glenwyvis GoodWill Gin

    GoodWill Gin

  3. Makar Glasgow's Original Dry Gin

    Makar Gin

  4. Mermaid Gin
    Whisky Wednesday

    Mermaid Gin

  5. Martell VS

    Martell VS

  6. Negroni Cocktail Bundle

    Negroni Cocktail Bundle

    £56.15 Regular Price £63.20
  7. Casamigos Reposado Tequila

    Casamigos Reposado Tequila

    Special Price £58.15 Regular Price £65.00
  8. Forest Gin

    Forest Gin

  9. Espresso Martini Cocktail Bundle

    Espresso Martini Cocktail Bundle

    £61.92 Regular Price £70.98
  10. Option with Eagle Rare 10 Year Old

    Old Fashioned Cocktail Bundle

    From £62.98

    To £79.98

  11. Paul John XO

    Paul John XO

Show Filters

Items 201-300 of 309

per page