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An incredibly smooth and elegant blended whisky, crafted to perfection by the Japanese team behind the much-revered Hibiki and Yamazaki, Ardray is a harmonious blend of older single malts representing every terroir of Scotland.

Introducing Ardray

Exclusively available at The Whisky Shop for a limited time, this exceptional new release is made with several single malt Scotch whiskies, all balanced with Japanese expertise.

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Crafted to perfection by the Japanese team behind Hibiki & Yamazaki.
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Loosely translated, Ardray means 'towards the light'.

The Japanese influence stretches to the involvement of Seizo Saji, the great-grandson of Shinjiro Torii, father of Japanese whisky and founder of the House of Suntory. Sharing his grandfather’s dedication to precision, Shingo helped flawlessly craft this exquisite blend from dozens of batches, altered in tiny amounts to discover the fresh ray of light that would become Ardray.

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You can expect notes of...

Wisp of Smoke

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We asked a sample of our customers to take part in a blind tasting – so they didn’t know what whisky they were tasting. This is a selection of the words most frequently used to describe Ardray.

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