American Whiskey & Bourbon

World Whisky

Much like Scotch, there is a plethora of varying styles, traditions, and flavours of American Whiskey. Finding an American Whiskey's primary ingredient is the first step. Bourbon, made primarily of corn, takes us to the sweeter end of the stateside spirit spectrum, such as Bulleit, or Maker's Mark. Rye whisky boasts a bolder, spicier character, see FEW Rye Whiskey for a terrific example. Meanwhile Wheat Whiskey is crafted to be sublimely soft on the palate, like this Woodford Reserve Wheat. There’s also Corn Whiskey producers, like Mellow Corn. And we cannot forget Tennessee Whisky. Always made in the state of Tennessee, the king of which is none other than Jack Daniel's. Excite your tastebuds with a wide variety of drams from the top producers over in the U.S.A.