Bourbon & American Whiskey

Much like Scotch, there are varying styles of American whiskey - the provenance and production of which are protected by federal law. Broadly speaking, vanilla, caramel and oak flavours form the foundations of American whiskey. But, thanks to the use of different grains, stateside spirits can adopt a range of different characteristics. Bourbon, made primarily of corn, takes us to the sweeter end of the stateside spirit spectrum. Rye whisky boasts a bolder, spicier character; meanwhile wheat whisky is crafted to be sublimely soft on the palate.

And that’s not the extent of it – there’s also corn whiskey (inexpensive, and aged for very little time), moonshine (bottled directly from the still), and Tennessee whisky. The latter is often created using a Lincoln County Press, which passes the spirit through a maple charcoal filter, and is always made in the state of Tennessee.

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  1. Eagle Rare
    Whisky Wednesday

    Eagle Rare

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  2. EH Taylor Single Barrel

    EH Taylor Single Barrel

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  3. Buffalo Trace Cream

    Buffalo Trace Cream

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  4. George T Stagg

    George T Stagg 2019

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  5. EH Taylor Bourbon

    EH Taylor Bourbon Small Batch

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    Jim Beam

  7. Buffalo Trace Bourbon

    Buffalo Trace Bourbon

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  8. Maker's 46

    Maker's 46

  9. WL Weller Full Proof

    WL Weller Full Proof

  10. WL Weller C.Y.P.B

    WL Weller C.Y.P.B

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  11. Rowan's Creek

    Rowan's Creek

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  12. Noah's Mill

    Noah's Mill

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