About Us

At The Whisky Shop we have been leaders in the specialist whisky market for 25 years. Important members of our team have been with us since the beginning and throughout that period they have accumulated extensive knowledge and experience of every aspect of rare whiskies. With a retail estate of 22 shops over four countries we have unparalleled breadth and reach in the sector. Our databases, regional and international, put us in touch with a wide cross-section of buyers and sellers of collectable whiskies. We also possess strong connections with distillers and brand owners and maintain a keen insight into valuable whisky trends.

At the core of our business is customer service. We are dedicated to providing our customers with personal, professional and expert service with everything we do. Our approach to whisky auctions is innovative and driven by a desire to get the very best for our customers. The combination of an established specialist chain with an online auction service is unique in the world. We think it offers special benefits not available with any other auction provider.

The Whisky Shop Auctions vs The Rest

Service The Whisky Shop Auctions Others
Drop off at local UK shops
Drop off at our Paris boutique
Local experts
Advanced search filters
360° spin photography
Rolling auctions
Anti-sniper software
Our virtual wallet
Immediate cash out option
Private client service